about stanley william moore II :

Born October 22nd 1987 on Bryce Mountain VA, spent the majority
of the first 10 years of my life in Columbus OH, the next 10 years
deep in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, and then almost
a decade more in the DC Metro area. I was born obsessed with details
and the beauty that exists around us. As long as I've identified as
anything, I've identified as an artist. I believe we can make an art
out of even the most mundane of activities, and I try not to limit
myself to any particular medium of expression.

Currently Residing in the heart of Salt Lake City, UT, where I help
men and women embrace their aesthetic potential as a hair stylist at
Salon O. When I'm not working with hair or caring for my two daughters,
I spend much of my time finding ways to elaborate upon some of the many
dynamic visual moments the mountains, valleys, and city have to offer.

about swmoore.com :

swmoore.com has been my personal website for around 15 years now,
and the domain has had many incarnations over that period of time.
Because it always seemed like such a sad idea to scrap my hard
work, if you dig around you can find just about every file and/or
webpage I ever wrote or uploaded.

After all of these years, I decided to at least temporarily settle
on extreme minimalism, and use my personal website solely to
display the art I create.